Huffington Post: IRS Targeted Progressive Groups, Too, Documents Reveal

-By Sam Stein

June 24, 2013- WASHINGTON -- The Internal Revenue Service targeted progressive groups applying for tax-exempt status in addition to conservative ones, according to IRS documents released by congressional Democrats on Monday.

The documents and an internal IRS report being sent to congressional committees reveal that the tax agency used terms that included "progressive" and "occupy" to flag progressive organizations for extra scrutiny before the 2012 elections.

Politicus USA: Full Transcript Reveals That Darrell Issa Lied About Obama Involvement In IRS Scandal

-By: Jason Easley

June 18, 2013- By releasing the full transcript of interview with the IRS Screening Group manager, Rep. Elijah Cummings has proven that Rep. Darrell Issa lied about Obama’s involvement in the IRS scandal.

Rep. Cummings absolutely destroyed Issa’s conspiratorial claims that Obama was masterminding the IRS scandal:

This interview transcript provides a detailed first-hand account of how these practices first originated, and it debunks conspiracy theories about how the IRS first started reviewing these cases. Answering questions from Committee staff for more than five hours, this official—who identified himself as a “conservative Republican”—denied that he or anyone on his team was directed by the White House to take these actions or that they were politically motivated.

FactCheck.Org: IRS Probe So Far Yields Partial, Partisan 'Facts'

-By Eugene Kiely

June 13, 2013- The House Oversight Committee chairman and the ranking Democrat are overreaching in recent statements about the committee’s investigation of the IRS. Chairman Darrell Issa has yet to produce evidence of his theory that the Obama administration in Washington “directly … ordered” the agency to target conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. But Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings has failed to provide evidence that there was “no political involvement,” and he goes too far when he says “the case is solved.”

Bloomberg Businessweek: Darrell Issa's IRS Investigation Is Falling Apart

-By Joshua Green

June 13, 2013- When Republicans won control of the House of Representatives in 2010, Representative Darrell Issa of California was supposed to become a star. Issa, who made no secret of his ambition, took over the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, vowing to use the power of his chairmanship to stage hundreds of hearings and hold the Obama administration to account. Anticipating what he promised would be “constant battle,” the White House hired extra lawyers and braced for the onslaught.

But Issa wasn’t the force people expected him to be. His biggest investigation, into the botched anti-gun smuggling operation that left a Border Patrol agent dead, incited right-wing talk radio listeners. Beyond that, though, it barely registered. After two years in power, Issa seemed more bark than bite.

Addicting Info: Republicans Watch Another Fake Scandal Die; IRS Manager Reveals He Is A Conservative Republican

-By Shannon Argueta

June 12, 2013- Oh, the sad, sad Republican party and their pathetic attempts to discredit the administration are once again foiled. In recent weeks we have watched a number of right-wing manufactured scandals drown in seas of facts. It was very entertaining, to say the least. First, the hopes of the Republicans to impeach Obama with Benghazi-gate were dashed. And, of course, Fox was being unfairly targeted by Obama with the Rosen scandal. Then Umbrella-gate was quelled almost as fast as it rose. After umbrella-gate, we had the stupidest of them all…..Salute-gate. Finally, the scandal that got Republican’s tinfoil panties in a bunch? The targeting of Tea Party groups by Obama’s liberal IRS hit squad out of Cincinnati.

Oh yes, President Obama was targeting his political enemies by denying them the 501(c)(4) tax exemption that they so rightfully don’t  deserve! How dare he do that?! After all, the conservative groups that were targeted for extra scrutiny were not, first and foremost, political organizations! Those Tea Party groups operate exclusively for social welfare; they are upstanding nonprofit organizations that spend little time lobbying for the right-wing. Right? Oh no, that’s wrong, but in the minds of  members of the Republican party who really care about those pesky fact-thingys? This was definitely an elaborate scheme by the left to silence the right. Those IRS agents were liberal, no doubt about it, and the transcripts of the investigation recently released will prove it.

Americans Against the Tea Party: Rep. Elijah Cummings Calls TEApublican Rep. Darrell Issa Out On IRS ‘Scandal’

-by  James Schlarmann

June 10, 2013- Okay, so if the Benghazi emails were faked and Rep. Darrell Issa is proven to have been cherry-picking interview excerpts about the IRS “scandal” in an attempt to try and show that the White House was involved, we get to ignore him.  Not that we shouldn’t be ignoring the shady chairman of the House Oversight Committee to begin with, but if/when Issa’s colleague releases the full IRS interview transcripts and if/when it’s proven that Issa was the one lying, not Carney, I think my head will explode the next time I see Darrell on TV, piping his steaming pile of nonsense into conservative ears everywhere.

The Examiner: Report: IRS manager says Obama had nothing to do with targeting Tea Party groups

-By Robert Sobel

June 9, 2013- In another twist in the IRS "scandal," a new report shows that the Obama administration had nothing to do with the targeting of conservative groups.

Last week, a five-hour interview was conducted by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform with an IRS manager that works at the Cincinnati office that has been in question. According to the interview, released by Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md), the IRS manager revealed that President Obama wasn't involved with the targeting of various conservative groups. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) has battled it out in the House of Representatives with oversight chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) over whether the White House was purposely targeting his political opponents. During a statement, Cummings revealed interesting information about IRS manager.