Rep. Jim McDermott: Republicans looking for a conspiracy where there isn't one

During a hearing today featuring conservatives who were targeted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) asked what was more likely: Mid-level employees acting stupidly or an grand plot by the Obama Administration to target conservative groups? He accused those in the hearings, along with Republicans in the Oversight Committee, as creating a "circus" that's "simply political theater."

"The Republicans are looking for a conspiracy where there isn't one. Mr. Issa says he can 'feel it in his gut that someone's broken the law.' Just ask yourself which is more likely: That mid-level employees overwhelmed by four times as many applications as before made stupid, irresponsible short cuts, or there's an administration wide plot to take down community organizers," said McDermott.

Politicus USA: Ted Cruz’s Petition to Abolish the IRS Goes Horribly, Laughably, Ridiculously Wrong

-By Jason Easley

June 3, 2013- Sen. Ted Cruz’s abolish the IRS PR stunt has gone horribly wrong, and actually calls on Republicans to increase their own taxes.

Here is the video of Sen. Cruz urging people to sign his petition a.k.a. collect names and email addresses of people that Senate Republicans can hit up for money:


RAW Story: Robert Gibbs: Darrell Issa made himself ‘the biggest joke in all of Washington’

-By David Edwards

June 3, 2013- Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on Monday blasted House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) as “the biggest joke in all of Washington” and said he should apologize for calling current White House Press Secretary Jay Carney a “paid liar.”

Speaking to CNN on Sunday, Issa had said that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) practice of improperly scrutinizing the tax-exempt status of conservative groups had been “ordered from Washington.” But under questioning from CNN host Candy Crowley, the California Republican admitted that his evidence was “totally not definitive.”

Issa added that Carney was a “paid liar” and “still making up things about what happens and calling this [IRS agent] a local rogue.”

Mark Fiore: Money fer Nothin'

The Obama IRS Scandal gives Suzie Newsykins a job! Little Suzie Newsykins is here to tell you all about her new summer job at the IRS. With the IRS Tea Party scandal, Suzie has the perfect stress-free job picked out!

Politicus USA: GOP Hero Petraeus, Not Obama, Was Behind Changed Benghazi Talking Points

-By: Sarah Jones

May 22, 2013- The bombshell that Republican hero David Petraeus was behind changes in the Benghazi talking points is another reason why Obama should not only clean out the Bush appointees, but should stop trusting Republicans in general.

The Washington Post reported late Tuesday that the emails released by the Obama administration reveal a rather shocking surprise. No, the Obama White House did not craft the Benghazi talking points to protect their reputation or that of the State Department. Nor did the State Department protect their image with “changes” to the talking points.

It was Republican hero, General David Petraeus, then the head of the CIA, who sought to burnish his image with demands to change the talking points. In fact, his version put him at “odds” with the State Department, the FBI, and officials within his own agency:

Campaign For America's Future: The Latest Lie: IRS Targeted Conservatives

-By Dave Johnson

May 20, 2013- Remember the video of the guy in the “pimp costume” who got advice from ACORN employees on how to run his prostitution ring? Turns out the whole story was just a lie, a doctored-video smear job on an important organization. The guy never wore a “pimp costume” and the real, undoctored videos showed that ACORN employees did nothing wrong. But a lie travels around the world before the corporate media bothers to check the facts. The “news” media blasted the story everywhere, and Congress was so outraged they forced ACORN to close its doors. And here we are again.