Huffington Post: Darrell Issa: Obama's Government Most Corrupt In History

-By Michael McAuliff

April 24, 2012- Last year Rep. Darrell Issa retracted his statement that President Barack Obama was one of the most corrupt presidents in modern history, saying he should have parsed his words more carefully.

Tuesday, the California Republican's more careful parsing apparently included declaring Obama's government the most corrupt in history.

"We are busy in Washington with a corrupt government, with a government that I said more than a year ago was perhaps -- because of the money, because of the amount of TARP and stimulus funds -- was going to be the most corrupt government in history, and it is proving to be that, just exactly that," Issa said in a Bloomberg television interview.

NPR: House Investigator Issa Has Faced Allegations As Well

-by Andrea Seabrook

April 16, 2012- The man driving the investigation into the General Services Administration, California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, took the top seat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee after the GOP won a majority in 2010.

Issa has led several splashy investigations since. But he's also been dogged by allegations of his own.

Issa has made news in recent months by threatening to subpoena Attorney General Eric Holder, and by calling a panel of only men to talk about women's contraception.

The Car Alarm Voice

Issa made his fortune building and selling Viper car alarms. He is the wealthiest member of Congress, worth as much as $450 million. In fact, it's Issa's voice on the popular alarm's signature warning to would-be thieves: "Protected by Viper. Stand back."

What's less well known is how Issa got into car alarms in the first place.

Huffington Post: Darrell Issa's Labor Website Infuriates Unions

-by Dave Jamieson

April 4, 2012- Union activists generally don't consider House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) to be an ally in labor struggles, so many were surprised Wednesday morning to see that Issa's GOP-led committee had launched a new website to promote workers' rights.

Upon closer inspection, however, labor activists came to see what they considered a distinct anti-union flavor of the website, Pitched as a platform to listen "directly to rank-and-file union workers," the site includes three stories told in workers' own words, and all of the workers are critical of their own unions: the National Education Association (NEA), the United Auto Workers and the Service Employees International Union.

The Examiner: Issa to CNN: ‘We’ve been lied to by DoJ’

-By Dave Workman

March 16, 2012- California Congressman Darrell Issa has evidently gotten his “second wind” and in a Thursday evening interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper regarding Operation Fast and Furious and a similar project in Texas, accused the Justice Department and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives of lying to Congress.

   The interview came at the end of a lengthy report on illegal gun walking that appears to have been permitted under the Obama administration in 2009 and 2010 in more places than just Arizona. It may be seen here, and this is what Issa told Cooper:

‘We’ve been lied to by the Department of Justice; we’ve been lied to by some of the ATF.’

Talking Points Memo: Issa: Focus On 'Slut' Comment Dismisses 'Attacks On Americans Of Faith'

-by Ryan J. Reilly

March 2, 2012- House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) said in a letter on Friday that Democrats had a "narrow focus" on Rush Limbaugh calling Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke a "slut" for her testify about contraception coverage and said members of his staff had been attacked as well.

It was Issa's committee that wouldn't allow Fluke to testify because they said she wasn't an appropriate witness to talk about the topic of religious freedom. Issa criticized Democrats for using the situation to "politicize the situation and use it to raise campaign cash."

Issa said that his female staffers had been the subject of "intense and disgusting accusations and insults -- 'hag,' 'traitor,' and numerous references to anatomy have been among the milder expressions hurled over the phone."

Salon: Congress’s war on the post office

The Postal Service faces a threat greater than email or economics: Politics.

-By Josh Eidelson

March 14, 2012- After a stopgap measure last year, Congress will once again debate whether the United States Postal Service as we know it can survive.  The better question is: Will Congress let it?

Washington Post: Darrell Issa, subpoena machine; Santorum’s Nazi preoccupation; and GOP donors have their say (read-this roundup)

-By Emily Heil

February 22, 2012- Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is a subpoena machine. The Chairman of the House Oversight and Investigations Committee “has held hundreds of hearings, made more than 700 requests for information and issued almost two dozen subpoenas,” our colleague Ed O’Keefe reports.

But... surprise, surprise, not everyone’s thrilled with all that bothersome probing. “Administration officials provided a list of dozens of oversight panel requests that appear to have fallen flat,” O’Keefe reports, and some say there’s more show than substance at play in the committee’s work.

Elsewhere, our colleague Dana Milbank discovers that former senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) sees Nazis around every corner.