You are hereThe Brad Blog: IRS Flagged 'Progressives', 'Occupy' Groups For Extra Scrutiny as Recently as This Month

The Brad Blog: IRS Flagged 'Progressives', 'Occupy' Groups For Extra Scrutiny as Recently as This Month

As we told you, the IRS 'scandal' was phony from the jump...

-By Brad Friedman

June 26, 2013- If you had read The BRAD BLOG when the Treasury Department's Inspector General's report on the pretend IRS "scandal" came out, you'd already know just about all of this. We tried to tell ya way back then. You see, unlike the rest of the media, it seems, we bothered to actually read that report before reporting on it. For anybody who did the same, the scam should have been pretty clear.

Now we learn that IRS flagged progressive groups for additional targeted scrutiny when applying for tax-exempt status --- just as they did for "Tea Party" groups. But, in the case of progressives, they continued doing so until this month, even after they had stopped flagging "Tea Party"-related groups, according to documents[PDF] released by Democrats on the U.S. House Ways and Means committee on Monday.

That, of course, is why we also described the pretend "scandal", in a subsequent report, as "nearly as phony as the Shirley Sherrod, Van Jones and ACORN 'scandals'".

As the New York Times describes the newly released documents...

The instructions that Internal Revenue Service officials used to look for applicants seeking tax-exempt status with "Tea Party" and "Patriots" in their titles also included groups whose names included the words "Progressive" and "Occupy", according to I.R.S. documents released Monday.
But the practice appeared to go much farther than that. One such "be on the lookout" list included medical marijuana groups, organizations that were promoting President Obama's health care law, and applications that dealt "with disputed territories in the Middle East."
Such lists were in use as recently as this month, when [Acting I.R.S. Commissioner Daniel] Werfel took over the agency, far longer than initially thought. I.R.S. officials said Monday that the more recent lists did not include the terms aimed at conservative groups.
The new I.R.S. documents raise questions about how the controversy has been portrayed. They confirm that the applications of "various local organizations in the Tea Party movement" were given special scrutiny. But so were "progressives."

"Common thread is the word 'progressive,'" a lookout list instructs. "Activities appear to lean toward a new political party. Activities are partisan and appear as anti-Republican."

That syncs up with much of what we explained, in our very first report on the IG's report, which, we explained at the time, was flawed.