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August 8, 2013- True The Vote Launches Voter Suppression "Hydra" Campaign

August 5, 2013- David Corn Reveals "Groundswell" : A Cage Match Between Ginni Thomas And Karl Rove

July 31, 2013- Al Sharpton: GroundSwell The New, Secret Right wing Plan To Take Down Obama 

June 14, 2013- Lawrence O'Donnell: The battle continues between Reps. Issa and Cummings

June 10, 2013- Lawrence O'Donnell: Issa challenged in IRS investigation

June 4, 2013- Rachel Maddow: Congress hearings on IRS forecast long hot stupid summer

June 4, 2013- Rachel Maddow Attacks Fox News And The GOP: The Right Has A 'Nonsense Problem'

June 4, 2013- Mike Papantonio: Tea Party Tax Cheats Deserve Scrutiny

June 4, 2013- Rep. Jim McDermott: Republicans looking for a conspiracy where there isn't one

May 30, 2013- Mark Fiore: Money fer Nothin'

May 30, 2013- Rachel Maddow: Issa brings back Summer of Subpoena

May 20, 2013- Thom Hartmann: Darrell Issa: A Modern Day Joe McCarthy

May 17, 2013- Mike Papantonio: Issa's Criminal Past Being Ignored By Mainstream Media

May 15, 2013- Holder Calls Issa's Conduct 'Shameful' At House Hearing

May 15, 2013- Rachel Maddow: White House e-mails debunk ABC misreporting, undercut scandal-hungry GOP

May 13, 2013- NOW with Alex Wagner - Herbert: GOP obsession not with Benghazi, but Obama

May 12, 2013- Ed Schultz: Republicans go on Sunday morning fishing expedition

May 12, 2013- Meet The Press: Issa Urges White House to Release Benghazi Emails

May 12, 2013- Meet The Press: Issa Updates Probeof Benghazi Incident

May 10, 2013- Rachel Maddow: GOP hopes Benghazi will finally be the scandal that sticks

May 9, 2013- David Pakman: Megyn Kelly Admits Fox News 'Lopsided' on Benghazi

May 8, 2013- Dem Rep. Elijah Cummings Tears Into GOP Rep. Issa For 'Politicizing' Benghazi

May 8, 2013- Lawrence O'Donnell: Chilling details of what happened in Benghazi

May 8, 2013- Jon Stewart Rips Fox News Over Benghazi Coverage

February 16, 2013- Update on the Privatization of the U.S. Post Office

February 6, 2013- The Ed Show: Republicans applaud the slow death of the US Postal Service 

November 8, 2012- Martin Bashir: GOP has learned nothing, forgotten nothing

October 23, 2012- Thom Hartmann: Did Darrell Issa Commit Treason?

October 20, 2012- Political Trouble Maker: Rep Darrell Issa leaks sensitive Libyan data in document dump

July 24, 2012- Republicans have a name for that: Reagan

June 29, 2012- Thom Hartmann: The conspiracy theory - 2 black guys in the WH trying to take away white

June 21, 2012- Rachel Maddow: Will non-right-wing media take the Fox News bait (again)?

June 20, 2012- The ED Show: Republicans vote to hold AG Holder in contempt

June 15, 2012- Thom Hartmann: The GOP Witchhunt against Eric Holder

April 24, 2012- Bloomberg: Issa: Obama's Government Most Corrupt In History

March 16, 2012- CNN: Issa: Murdered Agent Zapata's Family Speaks Out, Demands Accountability Fast & Furious

February 16, 2012- Issa contraception hearing

November 14, 2011- Darrell Issa (R) CA, "We don't need laws for the powerful."

September 23, 2011- Senator Landrieu reads Issa's letters asking for taxpayer clean energy loans

September 7, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Destroying the Postal Service - another Manufactured Crisis 

August 19, 2011- Sam Seder: Goldman Sachs VP Legally Changes Name to Work for Republican Rep. Darrell Issa

June 21, 2011- Rachel Maddow: GOP blocking Obama leaves government positions unstaffed 

June 17, 2011- Ed Schultz & Mike Papantonio: The Democratic Spin Machine Is Never There 

April 21, 2011- Issa Watch: Where is Darrell Issa?

March 31, 2011- The Young Turks: Taxpayer $ For Rep's Real Estate Investment

March 2, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Is this officially the best congressional committee money can buy?

February 3, 2011- Cenk Uygur: How Bought Is The Republican Party? w/- David Sirota

February 3, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Lobbyist's hit list 

February 1, 2011- The Young Turks: Big Business: Screw Kids! - Damning Letters To Rep. Issa

February 1, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Is Issa the new face of Big Brother?

January 19, 2011- The Young Turks: Congressman Issa's Shady Past

January 17, 2011- Ed Schultz: GOP White Collar Crime Club New Yorker on Rep. Issa's past troubles

January 8, 2011- Mike Papantonio: Darrel Issa - The Carjacker of the House 

January 4, 2011- The Young Turks: Crazy Quote Discredits Republican Congressman

January 4, 2011- The Young Turks: Who Owns Congressman Issa?

January 2, 2011- CNN: incoming House Oversight chair Darrell Issa majorly flunks network appearance

November 6, 2010- Darrell Issa's Real GOP Solutions on Real Time with Bill Maher

April 3, 2008- Keith Olbermann: Rep. Darrell Issa 'Worst Person' for Refusing 9/11 Sick Aid

October 2, 2007- Think Progress: Issa Issues Veiled Blackwater Threat Against Waxman