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Huffington Post: Darrell Issa Targets Eric Lichtblau In Spat With The New York Times

-by Michael McAuliff

August 23, 2011- WASHINGTON -- Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is suggesting a New York Times reporter may be guilty of making things up in a recent critical report on the Republican, even though his office cites the same reporter's work when it criticizes the White House.

Issa's office has been on a crusade against scribe Eric Lichtblau ever since the reporter penned a lengthy story arguing that Issa, a wealthy businessman who heads the House Oversight Committee, has enriched himself through his congressional office.

Team Issa started by firing a scathing broadside at the broadsheet last week, demanding a retraction and contending that Lichtblau's story was riddled with at least 13 errors. The Times made one minor correction, but is otherwise standing by the piece and Lichtblau.

That has not pleased Issa, and on Tuesday his office went so far as to suggest Lichtblau may not have actually visited Issa's California office building because the lead of the reporter's story said it overlooks a golf course. Issa says you cannot see the golf course from his building, and his office cited stories in the San Diego Union-Tribune and the North County Times as evidence. Lichtblau has maintained that he saw the building from the golf course.

In a release to reporters, Issa's office even compared the veteran Lichtblau to notorious Times fabricator Jayson Blair.

Yet a review of press releases from Issa's office finds at least four letters Issa fired off over the past year or so that cite Lichtblau stories as evidence, including two letters about White House staffers allegedly skirting public records rules by using personal email accounts and holding meetings off-campus.

Frederick Hill, Issa's top spokesman, did not see anything contradictory in his boss's stance, and suggested that if there are problems with the Times stories that Issa likes, it's up to others to point them out.