Lunatic Right Wingers Complaints Show Their Limited Education

Ahh, right wingers, those lunatics we all love to hate seem somewhat aghast at sites like these who get little to no content updates. Let’s educate the little morons about archived sites a bit shall we?

Sites like this one, which today seem out of date due to the changes in leadership or roles that the site originally had been discussing, are here for one purpose and one purpose only, to list what was on it as an archive for those who are interested in the history of said site and what it produced when it was active. Sites like these are not here for the sole purpose of getting routine updates or pleasing right wingers (We have other servers throughout the globe producing content hourly). Sites like these are here to serve a historical perspective to those that drop by from time to time to see what happened during the time the site was functional. And as we are massively busy on other large servers which produce content every hour, we don’t really have the time to keep up with sites like these.

Plus, some of these sites are here just to keep the tiny right wing morons obsessing about how much of a failure we all are, while at the same time we laugh at their sheer stupidity in not knowing just how much we do in fact have going on, and just how busy we actually are producing content in venues right wing morons just couldn’t contemplate.

It was with great amusement that I ended up reading up on some minor (yes, you would need a microscope to literally find it) website (I can’t link to it now because I literally forgot the name of it as it was such a stupid name) from right-wing fantasyland of no rate whatsoever, who just so happened was complaining tonight about this site and other sites like it who have not had many updates in quite some time.

Note to 4th grade educated right wing morons (like the website operator in question appears to be in my opinion); these sites are maintained for historical purposes by our staff, and while you and your lunatic self-absorbed mentally ill fringe ilk may not agree with why they are still here, we don’t run these sites for your pleasure or your amusement. Also, we don’t need to ask your permission to run said sites as we do.

As for your claim of scams, let’s just say that your puny little moronic website which has a homeless tip jar tinkling at the bottom of the page with the dreaded pay me scam jar tin cup going on is quite amusing in and of itself. As for the mentally challenged or shall we say, psychologically damaged members of your moronic website go, well, let’s just say best to leave well enough alone. As you all literally show how mentally challenged and quite amazingly stupid you all are all by yourselves without any real input from us.

Educated about the internet enough right wing morons? I hope so. However I have my doubts, as right-wingers usually are not very educated like their liberal brethren are..

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